Herb’s Due Diligence on Hedge Funds

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Nov 23, 2015 2 Comments ›› HerbMeiberger


Most hedge funds are located in the Cayman Islands to avoid U.S. income taxes and regulation by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Herb’s due diligence on hedge funds:

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  1. HerbMeiberger says:

    I hereby authorize you, Herb Meiberger, to post this to your website.

    My endorsement for your election to the SFERS board follows:


    A few of you knew me but most of you don’t. I’m a retired firefighter with 30 years service who retired in 1994 with a considerable interest in my SFERS pension’s health. The current election for a seat on SFERS board is unfortunate and reflects dark insinuations and misinformation put out by the challenger’s campaign similar to what we’ve had to endure from both sides in the last presidential election. Because of the SFERS vote, I’ve gotten e-mails, glossy color pamphlets through postal mail and even a phone call at home from someone who didn’t have my phone number until Joe Driscoll looked it up in retirement board records and gave it to him asking him to call me. Let me simplify this whole issue for you. It’s not about people. Rather, it’s about votes.

    Specifically, this SFERS election is all about HEDGE FUNDS and whether or not the Chief Investment Manager (Bill Coaker) will be permitted to invest even more of our pension money in them by obtaining a sufficient number of affirmative votes from board members that WE (both active and retired) ELECT to represent us and PROTECT our pensions. THAT’S IT. Currently, there are three members of the board (Stansbury, Driscoll, and Paskin-Jordan) who are pushing to unseat Herb Meiberger, a long time opponent of hedge funds. If they succeed by getting another candidate to take Meiberger’s seat at the table (they’ve selected retired cop Al Casciato to run against him), there will be enough “yes” votes on the board to put more of our money into those funds. So far, Herb Meiberger is the ONLY one who has stood up for us and consistently voted NO on our behalf.

    Casciato was chosen because he will vote yes. That’s what this election is all about! Period!

    Lieutenant Ted Gold, SF Fire Department (Retired)

  2. janice hutchinson says:

    This is a confusing election – for example why are the employee unions endorsing Al Casciato? Personally I think hedge funds are a mysterious and opaque way to steal money, so I agree with you

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